foodservice vegan soups

Foodservice Vegan Soups

The Food Adventures premium foodservice vegan soups are ideal for contract caterers, wholesalers, and distributors alike.

Three of our range of Vegan soups have won national awards. They give you the taste from around the world right at your doorstep and they are all plant-based soups and are contemporary in style.

They come in a microwavable pot are targeted at the convenience market of premium cafes, staff catering, bars, and restaurants.

They offer a consistent range of products packed full of flavors and with many vegans, gluten-free options. They also meet a lot of other requirements for demanding business owners.

This range is available chilled or frozen in a variety of pack sizes.

Size – 250ml, 350ml, 600ml, 2ltr, 5ltr

Our Fantastic Soup Range

  • Jamaican Yam, Coconut Milk and Chilli
  • Californian Pumpkin and Ginger
  • Brittany Pea and Fresh Mint
  • Moroccan Red Lentil, Chick Pea and Chilli
  • Parsnip, Sage and White Bean