Vegan Snackpots

Food Adventures – Vegan Snackpots

The Food Adventures’ Vegan snackpots are ideal for the grab and go shoppers. As well as, for the ‘to –go’ area in a busy food retailer. The pots are perfect for a quick bite to eat if you are constantly on the go!

Our range of Vegan snack pots has dishes from 3 continents around the world and they are a suitable side dish accompanies this plant-based main course.

Our vegan pots come in a microwavable container that are targeted at the convenience market. Our vegan pots are perfect for hungry shoppers, students, and office workers.

This range is in a case size of 6 units per case and is available chilled or frozen. The snackpot range is available on our website.

The size of the Vegan Snackpots is 400gm.

So why not give our vegan pots a go today? They are healthy and delicious! Visit our website now:

This is our wonderful snack pot range plus many more

  • Mexican 3 Bean Chilli and Rice.
  • Lemon grass and Turmeric Curry.
  • Sicilian Vegetables and Macaroni Pasta.
vegan snackpots
vegan pasta
vegan curry with naan bread

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